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to create jobs. while other states are still struggling, martin o'malley is making the tough choices... to move maryland forward. [captioning made possible by constellation energy group] captioned by the national captioning institute >> live, local, latebreaking -- this is wbal-11 "news at noon" in hd. >> good afternoon. i'm sarah caldwell. we begin with a check on the weather. will we see more storms like last night? and, a tornado warning. it was a busy morning. thus checking with sandra shaw. >> things have calmed down from this morning and last night.
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what we saw this morning was a radar-indicated tornado. they did extend the warning for carroll county. no reports of damage. there are still a few storms. we are encompassed in a mod did -- mahdi, moist humid air mass. there are more storms to our west, headed our way. the potential is for some high winds, heavy downpours -- everyone will not be effected. if you are caught in a storm, it is likely to be severe. it is 83 outside. 81 at the airport. the two points in the low 70's indicates there is so much moisture to work with. if we see storms, they will be intense. >> thank you. the high winds and rains left a
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good bit of damage in our area. lout thunderstorms with strong winds caused all kinds of damage, bringing down several trees. one fell down on this car. >> never in my life have i seen so much rain. the wind probably did it. the wind blew it right over. >> at the height of the storm, 27,000 customers were without power. right now, 3800 people are without power. you can track storms down to your very own street. just go to our web site, there is a link on the homepage. two more deaths went to pete have brought the total to 12. state health officials have not yet released information on the victim's, but to say they were found inside homes without air-
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conditioning. new york yankees order -- order george steinbrenner has died after suffering a massive heart attack. >> he owned one of the most memorable and successful franchises in all of sports. >> if the most successful franchise of the century. >>, oftentimes, george steinbrenner grabbed as many headlines as his team. it was the cleveland-native's success to around the shipping business that made him a multi- billionaire that enabled him to buy a once proud, then a struggling new york yankees franchise in 1983. controversy ensued almost immediately. he was banned from the sports -- 4 -- from the sport for two years. his eventual return and his hands on management style jump
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started the new york yankees. it brought success. seven world series titles including a win over ted turner's atlanta braves. >> the atlanta braves were a great team, and when you defeat a guy that has been your hero like ted turner, it is sweet. >> george steinbrenner demanded success from everyone around him, including his sons. >> he has a soft side. he has a hard side. he was a great father. he was different as a boss, let's put it that way. >> george steinbrenner had a way of putting things, and he leaves behind and indelible mark on american sports. >> what do you think george steinbrenner will be remembered for? both in our poll on
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a registered sex offender is being -- being held on rape charges was accidently left out of jail. ernest clark was being held in the investigation of a decade- old investigation. a spokesman for the department says the paper work had been misplaced. hertford county police say they need your help locating a rate suspect. antony eugene robinson forced a victim into his vehicle. he then, reportedly drove her to a secluded area and raped her. he is described as 5 foot 8 inches tall, white hundred 50 pounds, and bald, with a thick beard -- beard. a police officer has been indicted in the deadly shooting of a marine.
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the officer was indicted on charges of first-degree murder and a handgun violation. he is accused firing 15 check -- 13 shots after the officer allegedly broke a female friend. >> the maximum penalty for this crime, the crime of murder, it is life without parole. truly, i was very -- i should say disappointed and disturbed with all of the coverage when this incident happened. >> she says her appearance was solely to answer criticism about how the case was handled. >> meanwhile, two men are under arrest on robbery charges, and it committed the crimes while impersonated officers. joshua hatch and john mccracken were taken into custody. they say their real officers just missed the men at one seed
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when they got another call. >> they would basically approach someone and display fake badges, ordered them to relinquish property. >> investigators on not sure how many other victims there might be. in this afternoon 2010 coverage, the latest poll of likely voters shows a dead heat for the governor. 47% of likely voters support republican robert ehrlich, while 46% support governor martin o'malley. back in february, governor o'malley had a six-point lead. in the meantime, and neither have introduced immigration
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reform, however that governor is backing the obama administration put the decision to file suit against arizona. on the flip side, robert ehrlich says he supports arizona compel law, state and federal government has repeatedly failed to address the issue. coming up, devastation in new mexico after gunfire shatters a normal work day. a massive sinkhole opened up in florida, swallowing a car. officials are worried the building might be next
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>> copper in the nation -- a monday back to work begins like any other, but ends in tragedy in new mexico as a former employee opens fire. the suspect and that up killing two people and injuring four others before turning the gun on himself. police are calling it a case of domestic violence. the gunman's growth and is an employee. it is not clear if she was a victim. a woman is killed after falling from a moving roller-coaster in louisiana. she fell 30 feet. she was pronounced dead at the hospital about one hour later. state officials are inspecting
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the right to determine how she felt. investigators say the ride will be closed until the investigation is complete. a cynical swallows up the car, and some say it might not be done yet. the hole opened up near tampa bay, and swallowed a toyota camry. officials say the sinkhole is as wide as two parking spaces, and that deep, too. there are concerns the whole could grow and damage the building. still to come, a five-year-old boy almost paid an unthinkable price for being at the wrong place at the right time. more jobs are coming thinks to federal stimulus money in the consumer report. >> been around of heavy thunderstorms. all is quiet now. i will write everything down in the insta-weather-plus forecast. -- i will break everything down in the insta-weather-plus forecast. it is 81 degrees at the airport
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part >> stay where you are. john per to is here to answer your plant and gardening questi.
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>> police in texas say a man is facing charges after shopping a five-year-old boy into traffic after arguing with the boy's mother. the flight became violent. when the mother pulled over for help, the man pulled -- turned his anchor to the sun. >> the guy has a 80 and he was thrown into the middle of the highway. -- the guy has the baby, and he was thrown into the middle of the highway. >> the baby? >> we have a right now? >> yes, now there is a rack. >> police say it is amazing no one was hurt. he is being held on three counts
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of assault and endangering a child. tonight, at the 11:00 p.m., these are robinson explains why some baltimore residents are still feeling the effects of -- lisa robinson explains why some baltimore residents are still feeling the effects of the snowstorm. >> it was one of the coldest months in history. city vehicles were on the road. one of them hit kathy hamilton's parked car. >> it hit my car. it did damage. i feel terrible as a citizen, and as a text prepared >> terrible, because she thought the city would pay for the damage, but it would not. she is not alone. tonight, why the city says they do not have to pay, and what kind of recourse you have if you have a run in with the city.
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now, your insta-weather-plus forecast with sandra shaw. >> if you spent any time outside today, the atmosphere is so moist, in no thunderstorms will be intense. -- you know thunderstorm activity will be intense. we saw strong storms roll through overnight. you can see that. now, just some clouds are around. other than that, a brief break. later this afternoon, the moisture is headed in our direction. things are on stable enough that we could see heavy downpours again. we cut also see high wind. in the meantime, it is very muddy. it is in the low 80's. the easternr on shore as well. it looks like we will only get
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to the mid 80's today. what is critical is the amount of moisture in the atmosphere. we have high pressure off to the atlantic. we are healing -- dealing with high dew points in the 70's. very uncomfortable. here, in central maryland, a 60% chance that we will see another round of heavy storms. the best timetable is late into the evening and overnight. it is the same situation to the shore. the normal high is 87. we are by about that. we will not break any records. partly cloudy skies. 68, to 75 overnight.
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there is a trough over the state of maryland. we will see an upper-level disturbance rotate through tonight. much like yesterday. the high pressure is pumping in more humidity. this will not clear out until thursday. tonight, around 10:00 p.m., another line of storms might come through here. tomorrow afternoon, which should see more storms as well. on settled for the next 48 hours, before clearing tomorrow. 93 the forecast on thursday. hot and humid on friday. by the weekend, another disturbance will rotate through. we will have a shot at some in the afternoon. >> thank you. john perdue is here to answer your plant and gardening questions. what did you bring with you? >> ipod a perennial butterfly
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weed -- i brought a perennial butterfly weed. it is meant to attract butterflies. >> i love the color. >> if you start mixing these things, it attracts the men. >> it makes for a beautiful garden. >> with the intensity of the heat, is it better to keep plants in the shade even when they're supposed to be in the sun? >> if they are still in a container, it is better. the container does not dry out so quickly. if it is in the ground, just keep it well-watered. that is the important thing. >> let's talk about bill. if it gets too dry, when you cut it back is it sellable? >> that is an herb that only gives off one segment of growth. cutting it back is not going to do a lot. >> once it is dry, it is done? >> cut it, take it in, and dry
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it if you are going to. >> now that we are getting rain, our outdoor plants getting too much all at once? >> no. they really cannot get too much of what once. i was doing some digging yes it. we have not gotten that much moisture down deep into the soil. you might have to be cautious about keeping these plants watered, even though we have gotten rain. >> great advice. good to see. if you have any questions, you can in melos. go to our web site and click on family. you can also send your questions and pictures .
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in this afternoon in consumer's alert, a magazine takes a bite out of apple's new iphone. consumer reports says it will not recommend the phone. buyers started complaining after it went on sale in june, saying that if you hold it in a certain way, it drops cost apple the fence itself by saying that any phone will lose signal strength. nearly 2000 jobs are coming to baltimore banks to federal stimulus money. the parks foundation received nearly $1 million. senator ben cardin says 22 jobs will be created and open up areas in the park that the public has not been able to access in decades. up next, your maryland lottery numbers, and we will get another check of the insta-weather-plus forecast. first, wall street at this hour.
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i get to sleep faster, stay asleep and wake refreshed. melt to sleep fast. unisom sleep melts. >> later today on "oprah," , it is the season 24 kickoff party. to and in. that is today, at 4:00 p.m.. the trend has been linked to heart problems, but should a blockbuster diabetes medication be pulled off of the market that we will have the latest as the fda kicks off its twa -- two-day
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meeting. now, you're maryland lottery numbers. >> the maryland lottery, let yourself play. >> good afternoon. here are your picked three numbers. they are 4 1 6. . 416. the winning hands, second chance promotion is done. are trying official is set. your pick four numbers are 5 2 1 6. 5216.
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the maryland lottery, let yourself play. >> we had a stormy night last night. more rain ahead? >> it was, and it looks like it. not everyone will get doused at the same time. heavy downpours and high winds are the most notable characteristics. there is so much moisture in the atmosphere. we have a front that has to get through. with that, there could be some heavy downpours this afternoon and overnight, even a lingering into tomorrow. we will try out thursday and friday, and be back up to the lower and mid-90's. >> thank you. thank you for watching. be sure to watch tonight for donna hamilton and stan stovall. have a great day. >> follow breaking news and weather any time at,
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and stay connected with us on facebook and twitter.
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